Everyone can make fidget spinner but there is need to make the fidget spinners which can spin for a longer time. Following steps are demonstrating that how can we make led fidget spinners:

Understand the Body Shape

First and foremost, thing that is to be noted before making the fidget spinner is to understand its shape. The spinner is manufactured using two different metals that are plastic and metal. The plastic spinners are manufactured with the high-grade plastic and they have the 3-D design that is perfect for the spin. However, they are light in weight and so it often becomes hard to keep the momentum of the spinning.
On the other hand, metallic fidget spinner has a perfect weight and the momentum that is required to make it spin perfectly. So, if you want the best and longer spin it would be a better choice to invest in the metallic fidget spinners.  Following steps lead you that how to cut material into the desired shape:

  • The body of spinner is made entirely from cardboard
  • The dimensions are shown in the image
  • The center is located in the body by drawing cross lines
  • Hole is made using toothpick
  • One more piece is made with same dimensions

Bearings should be cleaned

When you take out thehigh-end hand spinner from the box you will notice that it has an extraordinary spinning time of 5 minutes that is perfect for relaxation. However, with the simple steps of cleaning the bearings, you can make your spinner as good as new. Here are a few steps that will help you out:

  • Take a screwdriver to open the dust shield of the bearing
  • If the bearing is made of steel, the cover will open from the inside while if it is ceramic it will open from the outside.
  • Use acetone or the rubbing alcohol to clean all the dust and grime that has been collected in the bearing
  • Once it is clean do not forget to lubricate the bearing and make sure that it is perfectly dry before you close the spinner

It is important that you wisely select the cleaning solvent because it should not react with the material of bearing.

Change the bearing- Lightning

In case after cleaning the bearing, you are unable to achieve the best speed then it is a better option to change it. There are two types of bearing available:

  • Steel bearing
  • Ceramic bearing

The ceramic bearing is a better choice because of the ideal structure that will keep the spin smooth with least noise.
It is important that you buy the high-quality fidget spinner because they will last longer and provide you with the desired longer spin. Lights of different can be fixed in the led fidget spinner especially party led fidget spinners.

US Dollar Metal Fidget Spinner

Weight Attachment and Finishing

Cardboard can be attached for equilibrium. And following steps are followed for finishing:

  • Toothpic is inserted between the disc then between the center holes and repeat same for another side also
  • Give a rotation many times until the movement is fully free and then enjoy!!