LED spinner has become one of the most wanted toys and the kids are crazy about it. It has been noticed that even the workers are using the fidget spinner led to calm themselves during their work. However, the more they are using it the more it is turning into an addiction.
You might be wondering that how a simple fidget spinner metal led toy can turn into an addiction when it has been actually designed to cure the kids with ADHA and help them remain focused. So here is the list of reasons that will prove the led fidget spinner to be an addiction.

Cannot put it down

Most of the kids and even the adults have claimed that they find it hard to put the led fidget spinner down once they start playing with it. The reason is that the fidget spinner plastic led spins in a similar way like the hypnotizing devices. It means that the person using the spinner is actually hypnotized for the time being and he finds it hard to stay away for the source that keeps him in his dream land.

The satisfaction

LED fidget spinnerOnce you will start spinning the toy it would be hard for you to get rid of the item. The reason behind it is that it will provide you with mental and physical satisfaction. You will notice that the feeling of pleasure has enhanced and with the utilization of a few muscles you can have the fun that you desire. When you are successful at spinning the toy for a longer duration you will feel happy that are all the signs that will lead you towards addiction.


Hormonal discharge

One of the biggest reason that led fidget spinner is turning into an addiction is that it causes the release of the same hormones as drugs.

  • It causes the release of the relaxing hormones due to which the nerve impulse to the body will be reduced and the person will show the same symptoms as he is under the effect of drug
  • In the beginning, it will work by enhancing the stimulation in the same manner as it is done by the addictive agents
  • LED fidget spinner also causes the release of the sympathetic and parasympathetic hormones in the same manner as it is done by the addictive substance


We all know that when a person is addicted to something he finds it hard to get rid of it. Same is the case with the led fidget spinner. It has been noticed that once the user is addicted to the spinner he find it hard to avoid. So keeps the led fidget spinner always with him whether it is a class, work, office or home. The moment that they cannot find the spinner, they will show the signs of discomfort and irritation.
So in case, you find yourself addicted to the led fidget spinner make sure that you resolve your issue as soon as possible. As we all know that the addiction of everything is bad.