The fidget spinner led has been designed as a device that will help the kids suffering from several mental disorders to relax. However, this device has gained popularity among the working class as well as the party lovers.
It has been noticed that in many parties the fidget spinner metal LED is the must to have. Recently it has cause many issues and here we have the list of reasons that will make you understand that why the led fidget spinner should be banned from the parties.  

Not for the party animals

The people that love to get wild during the parties hate the fidget spinner plastic led. The reason is that they think that the spinner just kills the theme of the party and what it is truly like to have fun.
Most of the teenagers say that their parties have been turned into the nerd show where everyone is playing with the spinner and no one is interested in having some fun. Even in the recent parties some of the kids said that they will not let those enter who have spinners in their hands despite those that have some serious issues. The worst thing that they feel about the led fidget spinner is that it make they feel like they are ruled by the nerd.

Can hurt when drunk

The toys that hurt the kids are always on their hit list. Recently, the led fidget spinner has scared many kids during the party in the following ways:

  • While spinning the toy in unconscious situation the kid might take the spinner extra closer to the eye and it is harmful.
  • Accidently dropping the led fidget spinner in the drink might cause the leakage of some chemicals that might be dangerous.
  • Walking and using the led fidget spinner in the drunk situation might lead to many sever injuries
  • One of the worst issues caused by the fidget spinner are fights during the parties

Reduce the impact of other games

Iron Man Metal Tri-Spinner Fidget Spinner Hand Spinner ToyWhen everyone is busy playing with their led fidget spinner the party lovers ignore the fun games that are actually the party games. It has been noticed that there is no beer competition, spin the bottle and dirty games played at the party because everyone is interested in spinning the fidget for the longer duration. It means that soon there would be no games at all and the party would seem like dull and boring.

In order to prevent the teenagers from the boring parties most of the party lovers are ready to ban the led fidget spinner. They are frustrated by having the kids on the sofas with a drink in one hand the spinners in the other.

They want the life back in their parties as the want the crowded dancing floor with spark and heat everywhere. They are not against the led fidget spinner but all they want is to ensure that they are used for a small duration so that they can have some real fun.