ZeroHour Fidget Spinner

This is a type of fidget spinner. This type of fidget spinner has following characteristics usually:

  • Super Bright Light

    ZEROHOUR Fidget Spinner is breaking all the rules! It has been taken the fidget spinner to the next level with two super bright LED click lights.

  • Sleek Body

    A sleek body designed with multiple grips and touch points for fidgeting.

  • Ceramic Bearing

    A ceramic bearing that goes from 0 to 60 in a flick of the spinner.


We know microlights, until ZeroHour launched with most innovative ideas. Design a custom Zero Hour microlight from the ground up, and put two of them inside a fidget spinner.
Most microlights stick the bulb on the side of the body, functional but clunky. For Zero led Fidget Spinner, a smooth button is created housing and embedded the bright white LED just below the surface.

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