ZeroHour Fidget Spinner

This is a type of fidget spinner. This type of fidget spinner has following characteristics usually:

LED Flash Light Aluminum Alloy Fidget Spinner Hand Spinner Toy

Super Bright Light

ZEROHOUR Fidget Spinner is breaking all the rules! It has been taken the fidget spinner to the next level with two super bright LED click lights.

Sleek Body

A sleek body designed with multiple grips and touch points for fidgeting.

Ceramic Bearing

A ceramic bearing that goes from 0 to 60 in a flick of the spinner.



We know microlights, until ZeroHour launched with most innovative ideas. Design a custom Zero Hour microlight from the ground up, and put two of them inside a fidget spinner.
Most microlights stick the bulb on the side of the body, functional but clunky. For Zero led Fidget Spinner, a smooth button is created housing and embedded the bright white LED just below the surface.

Wide Illuminating Beam

The LED emits a wide beam of light, perfect for illuminating your surrounding area. Need more light? Click the second LED and you are ready to go.

Replaceable Batteries

The microlights use standard CR1620 batteries, which are easily removable and replaceable. The button lights securely push into the spinner housing, and detach for use separately as well. You can even flip the lights so they shine out from each side of the spinner.

Trace the Ridges

With ZeroHour Spinner in your pocket, trace the ridges scored into the top and bottom surfaces, or press the smooth, flat edges that wrap around the microlights. If you are a clicky fidgeter, give the button lights a couple clicks whenever you have the urge.

Benefits of Zero Hour Fidget Spinner

It has some benefits common with the other spinners and some new ones.

Double or Tri-Lights in Fidget Spinner

Three lights of the same color or different color are adjusted into these spinners when these brightening spinners move look attractive and eye capturing scene create for the audience. Lights of these fast-spinning spinners look more attractive in darkness. That's why these spinners can be used to decor the interior. So, we can hand the fidget spinners with the roof or on the walls.

Fidget Spinners in Bowls

In a decorated room there is a bowl on a table as a decoration piece, we can place a fidget spinner in it will be helpful for example if someone is waiting for you in a room then he may spend his time by occupying his restless fingers on these fidgets. In the other way in the dark these glittering fidget spinners look attractive and make interiors more beautiful.

Decor the interior

After decor the interior with led fidget spinners and painting takes snaps of your room with a different perspective and then compare it with the design whom you are trying to follow. Remember, it's your home and you are the one who has to live in it, so create a home that you love-- a home that portrays who you are.


Available in three stunning finishes, choose ZeroHour REBEL BLACK (matte aluminum) or REBEL TITANIUM (polished or sandblasted). Each finish offers a different feel: matte aluminum is light and grippy; polished titanium is smooth and refined; and sandblasted has that natural grit.